The Creation Biology Society and Creation Geology Society invite you to Reclaim Wisdom Beginning with Creation, a one day conference held at Cedarville University on July 20th, 2019. This conference will address issues related to presuppositions, human identity, evil, theology proper, inerrancy, a literal Adam and Eve, science, bioethics and stewardship in light of a seven day creation.

Our list of speakers include:

  • Dr. James Bjornstad - Recipient Distinguished scholar, lecturer award Thomas F. Staley Foundation
  • Dr. Jeremy Blaschke - Assistant Professor of Biology @ Union University
  • Paul Garner - Researcher and Lecturer @ Biblical Creation Trust
  • Dr. Peter Gentry - Donald L. Williams Professor of Old Testament Interpretation @ The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. John R. Gilhooly - Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology @ Cedarville University
  • Dr. Heather Kuruvilla - Senior Professor of Biology @ Cedarville University
  • Dr. W. Gary Phillips - Senior Pastor @ Signal Mountain Bible Church
  • Dr. Kurt Wise - Professor of Biology @ Truett McConnell University
  • Dr. Todd Wood - President of Core Academy of Science

For more information and to register visit

Reclaim Wisdom Beginning with Creation