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What is the nature and value of humanity?

How is the answer shaped by our view of origins?

Why are our beliefs essential to the answer?

2019 marks the 500th anniversary of da Vinci's death and a half millennium impact of Renaissance thinking. By adopting Protagoras' statement “Man is the measure of all things,” there is a fundamental shift in where one finds knowledge and wisdom. Repercussions of this shift extend back to one's view of creation/origins. Though often viewed as a theological or science discussion, the implications affect all aspects of human endeavor.

Join us on July 20th as we address these issues from a perspective faithful to a seven-day creation and a literal Adam and Eve. Our goal is to equip individuals to recognize the influences of competing worldviews and anchor those influences to one's view of origins (reality). As a result, we hope individuals will have a more reasoned, confident and compassionate response to the world around them (I Peter 3:15).

Topics and Speakers

Creation as a Control Belief

Dr. John R. Gilhooly

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology @ Cedarville University

The Problem of Evil

Dr. Kurt Wise

Professor of Biology @ Truett McConnell University

Humanity as the Divine Image in Genesis 1:26-28

Dr. Peter Gentry

Donald L. Williams Professor of Old Testament Interpretation @ The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Conservation and the Beauty of Animals in a Post-Fall World

Dr. Jeremy Blaschke

Assistant Professor of Biology @ Union University

The Current State of the Creation Model

Paul Garner

Researcher and Lecturer @ Biblical Creation Trust

God's revelation in Creation

Dr. James Bjornstad

Recipient Distinguished scholar, lecturer award Thomas F. Staley Foundation

Creation and Hermeneutics

Dr. W. Gary Phillips

Senior Pastor @ Signal Mountain Bible Church

Creation and Genetic Editing

Dr. Heather Kuruvilla

Senior Professor of Biology @ Cedarville University

After Adam: Thoughts on the Integration of Biblical and Human History

Dr. Todd Wood

President of Core Academy of Science

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Up coming events:

Reclaim Wisdom Beginning with Creation

One day creation conference

Date: July 20, 2019

Location: Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH

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Origins 2019

Annual Conference of the Creation Biology Society and the Creation Geology Society

Date: July 17-20, 2019

Location: Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH

Origins 2019 Schedule

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Origins 2019 Click Here

Campus Map for Conference (Updated 7/18)